Welcome to the website of Grooming Salon Wonderful4dogs. My grooming salon opened in 2015 in Geldrop in the Netherlands. Because I love dogs and animals in general, I retrained to become a certified dog groomer. We have also been active in dog sports since 2002 with our Golden Retrievers, which I always groom before shows.

My name Linda means beauty and in English this is Wonderful, thats why I called my grooming salon Wonderful4dogs.

At Grooming Salon Wonderful4dogs, your dog is treated with great care, patience and love. In addition, I use the rule in my salon that I do not have more than 1 dog in the salon at the same time (2 is the maximum if the dogs are from the same owner), so that I have full attention to the personal treatment of your dog and therefore also not get the wrong impressions unnecessarily in the crowds.

I hope to welcome you and your four-legged friend soon in my Wonderful4dogs grooming salon.



Every dog ​​benefits from proper coat care. Your dog will feel good about it and will look great again after a treatment. I make sure that your dog is modeled according to its coat type, breed standard and of course your wishes. The coat is expertly cared for with the best suitable products. And with the advice you receive as owner, you can optimally care for your dog's coat at home between treatments. Your dog will thank you.



 All treatments include:

Washing and drying the coat

Combing and/or brushing

Hand Stripping or

scissoring or


Styling according to your personal wishes or

Styling according to Breed standard

Cleaning the ears and eyes

Clipping the nails

Removing any ticks

If your dog has fleas, you must Please report that in advance, these will then be removed at an additional cost.

What does a treatment look like?




We start by combing or brushing the coat. This is to assess the coat condition. This is done accurately, so that the hairs come loose and any tangles are removed.

Sometimes it is necessary to apply force, but it should not become a painful issue. During these actions I check for irregularities in the coat and on the skin.



Your dog is now taking a bath

Dog hairs are closely packed together and often have

a double coat.

Your dog is massaged with shampoo.

Because of the massaging movements , your dog will become calm .

Dog hair brings a lot of sand , dust and

old loose hair with it .

These are removed during the first wash.

A second wash follows to provide the hair with good care .

Then rinse the shampoo well, this is important,

otherwise a greasy layer will remain on the coat.

Your dog will now be dryed with a towel ( pet towel ) .





AND A TREAT (when it is allowed)



Drying the coat

This can be done in 2 ways:

Powerful water blower

for double coats or curly hair

- the hair drying by air flow

- moisture is blown out of the coat

- blows out loose hairs

- no raking / coating required


Soft water blower or hairdryer

for other coats and small dogs

- Drying on warm setting

- Gentle airflow

- Drying hair for modeling


To muffle the noise to the ears ,

your dog is given a "hoodie" to .

Nice/quiet for the dog!



Double Coated


After using the water blower, the coat will

additionally with a comb if necessary.

The double coat technique takes time,

but, if done properly,

ensures that the suffocating old coat is removed,

air gets between the hairs again,

so that the skin can "breath" again.


This will make your dog

- Less bothered by the heat

- Drying up sooner after swimming/rain

- Less truoble to getting cold

- Less trouble to muscle and joint

problems - Getting rid of unpleasant "dog smell".


The model,


Your dog will be cut, trimmed or shaved to the correct length.

Cutting the model may take some time.

Because a dog does not always stand still, extreme care must be taken with the scissors

and other materials. An unexpected movement of your dog is made in no time.




These are stripping (if the skin/coat permits).

This is done by hand and is done with the most care,

to treat your dog as pleasantly as possible.


Golden Retriever


Grooming salon Wonderful4dogs takes care of a large number of Golden retrievers.

The Golden Retriever has a semi-long, double coat that consists of guard hairs and wool hairs. This breed loses some hair daily, but in the moulting periods the hair loss can increase enormously.


What can we do about that in the grooming salon?


Double coat


Many breeds have a lot of undercoat in addition to the normal top coat.

Double coat sheds moderately througout the year and heavily twice a year.

Golden Retriever, Newfoundland,


Bernese Mountain dog, Leonberger, Shetland sheepdog, Bobtails, , but also all short-haired breeds such as Labrador, Boxers, Jack Russels and Bulldogs.



Benefits of regular treatment:                  


  • Prevention of a lot of hair in the house
  • Less or no longer bothered by unpleasant "dog smell" -


Your dog is through the shedding period faster

  • Wet coat dries faster after swimming or rain
  • Less dust, sand and dirt retention and to carry
  • Better for the general condition


  • Arthrosis can be caused by wet fur
  • Cold pulls into muscles and bones



Treatment of double coats

When hairs need to be replaced,

their coat is no longer intact,

hair scales open or have broken off.

This is where the shedding period begins.

The old hairs let go and make way

 for younger, cool ones.


The groomer has the right techniques

to help your dog through the shedding period.


This is done in a fur-friendly way.

Only the old hairs are removed

by means of a special washing and blowing technique.


The coat remains in good condition and the natural coat change intact.


Grooming salon Wonderful4dogs provides a large number of

Labradoodles , Australian Doodles , Golden Doodles

in all shapes , sizes , colors and coat types .


The fur of the doodles is very high maintenance.

Be aware that the breed has to be groomed once every 3 months.


If you do not do this, there is a good chance

that your dog will become matted and unfortunately

we will have to shaved extremely short (bald).

It is important to brush, detangle, wash and blow dry the coat


with great regularity .

When to go to the groomer for the first time?

It is really important that a puppy gets used to being groomed

regularly. At the age of 3 to 4 months


In order not to let the first grooming experience turn out to be a disappointment for both dog and owner it is recommended that you

introduce your puppy to the grooming salon at the age of 3 to 4 months.


Your puppy will be brushed, eyes clipped free.

We let them get used to touch by the groomer,

 sounds such as the bath, water, water blower, hair dryer,

 scissors and shaver.


The puppy grooming usually takes an hour.

You can not keep a puppy 's attention for much longer .



First trim

At the age of 6 to 8 months

Your puppy is now a bit older.

At home you have regularly blown open the coat with a water blower, brushed, combed and checked for tangles.


Your puppy can stand on the table a little longer and fur is now

long enough to handle.


The moment is also well chosen .

If you wait longer , you will get the coat change .

This can cause tangles and felt.


The transition period from puppy coat

to adult coat is very important!!!

The fur does not fall out on its own.


is a necessity .

This really saves dog suffering;

Removing tangles IS PAINFUL!


Why not wait too long?

Suppose you go to the groomer for the first time at the age of 10 months.

The coat change has already started in full by then.

Despite the fact that you brush and comb thoroughly, you can no longer remove the tangles and felt.




Result: Bad experience

for you, for your puppy, and for me!


How often to a grooming salon?


This comes as a surprise to many Doodle owners;

From 6 months it is a must to have the coat treated in the grooming salon

every 6-8-12 weeks .

To keep the coat tangle-free and practical,

but still a very cuddly length, it

 is really advisable to have your Doodle trimmed on time